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Chateau Dorrien wines in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, enjoys the distinction of being among the few establishments in Australia to produce quality mead.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with yeast; it has been reported to be the oldest alcoholic drink known to mankind.

Legend has it that during the Middle Ages it was believed that consuming honey would produce a male child to a newly married couple, it was commonplace for the father of the groom to gift the couple enough honey to last a month, or “moon”, hence “honeymoon”, to ensure that the child conceived would be a boy.

Our five mead varieties include: Gran Miele (which displays the flavours of honey, chocolate, and orange in perfect harmony);

Scarlet (consists of honey, chocolate, coffee, and cinnamon). The resulting blend of flavours is addictive enough to make you want more. A sign of a great liqueur.

Our other mead varieties include our Sweet mead (delicious served chilled); Spicy mead (honey, cinnamon and cloves) served warm during wintery nights to enhance your enjoyment;

And lastly our unique native fruit variety which is made from Quandong  / honey / herbs and spices. (Add to your sparkling wine) for a classic tantalising drink.!


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